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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Labor supply, demand for children and wage rates of paid employees in ThailandNipon Poapongsakorn
2004Life expectancy, labor force, and savingKinugasa, Tomoko
1991Life-cycle analysis of household composition and family consumption behaviorKanel, Nav Raj
1993Long-term contracts in resource goods trade : three essaysTang, Chuanlong
2008Macroeconomic aspects of demographic change and intergenerational transfers in ThailandChawla, Amonthep
1983A macroeconomic assessment of the costs of educational policies in Thailand : an elaboration of the Suits-Mason modelNaris Chaiyasoot
1985A macroeconomic model of differential growth effects of national sectoral saving and foreign borrowing : an application to Thai dataKanjanee Kangwanpornsiri
May-2011Managing public goods under uncertaintyD'Evelyn, Sean Thomas
1989Market failure and the underprovision of parks and protected areasSherman, Paul B.
1992Measuring the supply side effect of adjustment lendingOwaki, Hiroki
1985A micro-analysis of demand for travel goods : an application to the business travelerSakai, Marcia Yuri
1973Money in Nepal: an analysis of the growth and fluctuations in the Nepalese money stock, 1957-1972Shah, Sukhdev
1973The money supply of Iran, 1961-1971Pirouz, Kamrouz
2003On effects of gradual capital market deregulation in Japan: spillovers in a mildly segmented stock marketTobita, Naomi
1990Optimal fiscal policy for the provision of local public services : some simulation results for the case of elementary education in KoreaOh, Young-Soo
1977Optimum interest rate for a country under a floating exchange rate systemAbe, Shigeyuki
1991The pattern of effective protection and its impact on China' s trade reformsWu, Kang
1978Patterns of final demand and income distribution : the case of JapanGrootaert, Christiaan
May-2012Pension system reform facing rapid aging : lessons from ChinaFu, Shi
1985Population density growth : economic effects and mitigation in LDCsMcCarthy, Michael J (Michael John), 1957