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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Investment under uncertainty : application of binomial option analysis to development of geothermal energy in IndonesiaSoerjono Indriyanto, Asclepias Rachmi
1976The labor supply of Thailand : an empirical analysis of the determinants of participation ratesPaitoonpong, Srawooth
1979Labor supply, demand for children and wage rates of paid employees in ThailandNipon Poapongsakorn
2004Life expectancy, labor force, and savingKinugasa, Tomoko
1991Life-cycle analysis of household composition and family consumption behaviorKanel, Nav Raj
1993Long-term contracts in resource goods trade : three essaysTang, Chuanlong
2008Macroeconomic aspects of demographic change and intergenerational transfers in ThailandChawla, Amonthep
1983A macroeconomic assessment of the costs of educational policies in Thailand : an elaboration of the Suits-Mason modelNaris Chaiyasoot
1985A macroeconomic model of differential growth effects of national sectoral saving and foreign borrowing : an application to Thai dataKanjanee Kangwanpornsiri
May-2011Managing public goods under uncertaintyD'Evelyn, Sean Thomas
1989Market failure and the underprovision of parks and protected areasSherman, Paul B.
1992Measuring the supply side effect of adjustment lendingOwaki, Hiroki
1985A micro-analysis of demand for travel goods : an application to the business travelerSakai, Marcia Yuri
1973Money in Nepal: an analysis of the growth and fluctuations in the Nepalese money stock, 1957-1972Shah, Sukhdev
1973The money supply of Iran, 1961-1971Pirouz, Kamrouz
2003On effects of gradual capital market deregulation in Japan: spillovers in a mildly segmented stock marketTobita, Naomi
1990Optimal fiscal policy for the provision of local public services : some simulation results for the case of elementary education in KoreaOh, Young-Soo
1977Optimum interest rate for a country under a floating exchange rate systemAbe, Shigeyuki
1991The pattern of effective protection and its impact on China' s trade reformsWu, Kang
1978Patterns of final demand and income distribution : the case of JapanGrootaert, Christiaan