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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Household equivalence scales, poverty and inequality in Indonesia : three essaysPokhrel, Bharat Prasad
1978Human energy supplementation and worker productivity : a case study of sugarcane cutters in GuatemalaImmink, Maarten D.C.
1975Impact of economic growth on the size distribution of income : the postwar experience of JapanWada, Richard Osamu
2004Impact of international trade on wage inequality in Japanese manufacturing industriesYamamoto, Takashi, 1965
1995The impact of population change on household investment in education in ThailandSupriya Kuandachakupt
1975The impact of the aging of the Japanese population upon government pension schemesOgawa, Naohiro, 1944
May-2003The impact of trade-related investment measures in developing countriesZhang, Jian
1992Incentive payment systems and work effort in Chinese state enterprisesLi, Binsheng
1995Income inequality in the Philippines, 1961-91 : trends and factorsEstudillo, Jonna P.
2002An industry level analysis of causality between export and productivity : the case of KoreaLee, Kang-Jin
1990An inquiry into the nature of producers" behavior in a reforming economyWang, Tingting
2004Intellectual property rights, innovation in developing countries, and copyright team exetensionCheng, Xiaopeng
1992Investment and technical progress in JapanAbe, Kazutomo
2002Investment under uncertainty : application of binomial option analysis to development of geothermal energy in IndonesiaSoerjono Indriyanto, Asclepias Rachmi
1976The labor supply of Thailand : an empirical analysis of the determinants of participation ratesPaitoonpong, Srawooth
1979Labor supply, demand for children and wage rates of paid employees in ThailandNipon Poapongsakorn
2004Life expectancy, labor force, and savingKinugasa, Tomoko
1991Life-cycle analysis of household composition and family consumption behaviorKanel, Nav Raj
1993Long-term contracts in resource goods trade : three essaysTang, Chuanlong
2008Macroeconomic aspects of demographic change and intergenerational transfers in ThailandChawla, Amonthep