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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Essays on Japan's economyduPont, William
Aug-2012Essays on land property rights in Cambodia : empirical analysisThin, Kouland
Dec-2011Essays on the economic burden of diabetes and the effect of schip expansion on insurance coverage in HawaiʻiLindo, Jaclyn Keiko
Aug-2014Essays on youth's behavior and economic outcomesShibata, Atsushi
1992Estimation of X-inefficiency : Korea and TaiwanChung, Woo-Taik
1990Evaluating economic integration in developing countries : an application for the ASEAN preferential trading arrangementImada, Pearl Y.
1996Exchange rates and trade balance adjustment : the case of TaiwanLiu, Tzu-nien
1987External debt and the growth of the Korean economyKim, Chu-hun
1986Factor bias and substitution with emphasis on imported and domestic intermediate goodsLee, Jong Dae
1988Factors affecting business mortality : a case study of the restaurant industry on Oahu, HawaiiQuanchai Aungtrakul
1995Financial liberalization and its impact on interest rate determination : a case study of ThailandMathinee Subhaswadikul
1976Financial restriction in Korea, 1965-1974Min, Byoung Kyun
1995Global monetarism and the behavior of post-war velocity of moneyRillo, Aladdin Dolorito
1993The global real value of the US dollar 1950-1990Ramos, Gil Rosero
1994Golden rules and second best shadow prices for sustainable developmentEndress, Lee H.
1990Government trade intervention, thin markets and international price fluctuations : the case of the world rice marketHo, Wai Fun David
1995Household equivalence scales, poverty and inequality in Indonesia : three essaysPokhrel, Bharat Prasad
1978Human energy supplementation and worker productivity : a case study of sugarcane cutters in GuatemalaImmink, Maarten D.C.
1975Impact of economic growth on the size distribution of income : the postwar experience of JapanWada, Richard Osamu
2004Impact of international trade on wage inequality in Japanese manufacturing industriesYamamoto, Takashi, 1965