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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Economic analysis of shrimp culture in ThailandTokrisna, Ruangrai Manyanondh
1991An economic assessment of defensive medicineChang, Timothy T.Y.
1981An economic evaluation of military family response to the current Department of Defense housing programGertcher, Frank L.
2005The economic impacts of technology transfer and spillovers through foreign direct investment in developing countriesSawada, Naotaka
1980Economic model of a fisheries market with endogenous supply : the Hawaii skipjack tuna caseHudgins, Linda Lucas, 1946
Dec-2003Economic perspectives on the siting of a municipal solid waste facilityKim, Hyuncheol
1979Economics of abortion demand by pregnant married women : the ultimate fertility choiceMardfin, Douglas Ward
1995The economics of real exchange rate under financial repression with an application to KoreaJang, Hong Bum
1984Economics of tour packagingSheldon, Pauline J.
1991The effect of employer size on wage rates in KoreaYoon, Dong Sup
2005The effect of the Prepaid Health Care Act on the demand for health insurance, demand for medical services and labor force utilization in HawaiʻiJabbar, Abdul, 1962
1993Effective protection in Indonesia and the impacts of the common effective preferential tariff (CEPT) schemeTogashi, Janis Y.
1986Effects of cohort size on male experience-earnings profiles in KoreaSin, Yŏng-su, 1952
2004The effects of economic development on corporate financial structureChen, Lan
1984Effects of medical insurance on the demand for medical care in KoreaLee, Kyu Sik
1992Efficiency wages and executive compensation : the participation constraint in a principal-agent problemKrulce, Darrell L.
2004Efficient allocations of indivisible commodities: theory and application to land allocation problemTanaka, Tomomi
1989An empirical analysis of nontariff barriers and manufactured imports of JapanOkamoto, Yumiko
1988An empirical study of policy incentives and comparative advantage in the fisheries industry of ThailandThanwa Jitsanguan
1983An empirical study of the effects of taxation on investment expenditures by selected firms in the forest products industrySingleton, William Ronnie