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  • Pradhan, Naresh Chand (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2003-08)
    The economic behavior of Hawaii's longline fishers was analyzed using a cross-sectional and time-series dataset from 1991 to 1998. Three empirical essays were written analyzing (1) the technological and economic ...
  • Van Assche, Ari (2004)
    In the last two decades, the information technology (IT) industry has gone through a fundamental transformation of its organization of international production. This dissertation consists of three essays that address the ...
  • Cai, Junning (2004)
    We first clarify that changes in fundamental paper wealth are wealth redistributions between current and future asset owners; and increases in fundamental paper wealth tend to make current consumers wealthier and hence ...
  • Kim, Youngkwa (1991)
    since the pioneering work by Lewis (1963), U.S. studies of unionism have concerned not only with what unions do for organized labor but also with what they do for unorganized labor. The main purpose of this study is to ...
  • Joh, Hak-Kuk (1990)
    Urban concentration of population is one of the major concerns of Korea. People believe that its speed is too fast and the population concentrates too much in a few large cities. However, most of their concerns about ...
  • Eun, Sungsoo (1996)
    The primary research questions addressed here are whether or not multinational enterprises (MNEs) pay higher wages than domestic firms for equally skilled workers, and if so, why. This dissertation builds a theoretical ...
  • Pitafi, Basharat A.K. (2004)
    This dissertation addresses examines the issues involved in integrating the efficient use of resources and resulting revenues. Three essays in this dissertation focus on groundwater resources on the island of Oahu (Hawaii) ...
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