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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Static effects of a hypothetical customs union in the Indian sub-continentJayaraman, Tiruvalangadu Krishnamurthy
1992A stochastic frontier production function approach on enterprise inefficiency and disguised unemployment in urban ChinaZhang, Ming
1993Structural change in the demand for money following the treasury-federal reserve accord of 1951 : an application of the loanable funds modelHo, Sophia S.Y.
1979A study of fertility and labor force participation of married women in KoreaKoo, Sung Yeal
1990A study on schooling and employment of married women in KoreaShin, Ho Hyun
1984A system-wide approach to demand analysis for rental housing characteristics in Honolulu SMSA and effects of demographic variables on housing characteristicsKim, Wŏn-nyŏn
1978Tax incidence : a case study of ThailandPahirah, Manoon
1977Technological progress, diffusion of technology and the international differences in labor productivityPark, Ae Sil Kim
1990Technology transfer & restrictive trade practices : a microeconomic study of the Indian electronic industryKashyap, Arun
1980The tenant's choice of subsidized housing in HawaiiTay, Boon Nga
1993Testing the joint hypothesis of rationality and neutrality under seasonal cointegration : the case of KoreaChang, Dongkoo
Aug-2014Three essays exploring the impact of natural disasters on education and poverty in El Salvador and IndonesiaRush, John Volney
2008Three essays in econometricsChe, Hu
Aug-2014Three essays on dependent panels : empirical evidenceZhao, Qianxue
2008Three essays on investment, saving, and the current accountWang, Xiaoming
2008Three essays on the determinants of foreign direct investment - market size and wage, localization, official development assistance : Evidence from KoreaYoun, Jung-In
Aug-2003Three essays on the economics of Hawaii's longline fishery: Modeling fishers' behaviorPradhan, Naresh Chand
2004Three essays on the transformation of global IT productionVan Assche, Ari
2004Three essays on wealth effectCai, Junning
1991Unions and wage determination : three essaysKim, Youngkwa