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1973Money in Nepal: an analysis of the growth and fluctuations in the Nepalese money stock, 1957-1972Shah, Sukhdev
1973The money supply of Iran, 1961-1971Pirouz, Kamrouz
1974The balance of payments, money, and economic growth : a feedback mechanismKwon, Won-Key
1975Impact of economic growth on the size distribution of income : the postwar experience of JapanWada, Richard Osamu
1975Static effects of a hypothetical customs union in the Indian sub-continentJayaraman, Tiruvalangadu Krishnamurthy
1975Some aspects of landlocked Nepal's trade relations with India, 1960/61-1969/70Shrestha, Omkar L (Omkar Lal)
1975The impact of the aging of the Japanese population upon government pension schemesOgawa, Naohiro, 1944
1976The labor supply of Thailand : an empirical analysis of the determinants of participation ratesPaitoonpong, Srawooth
1976An analysis of shares in Korea's import market, 1960-1973Kim, Dal-Hyun
1976Financial restriction in Korea, 1965-1974Min, Byoung Kyun
1976Sources of employment growth in the Korean manufacturing sector, 1963-1973Park, Dong Un
1976The balance of payments adjustment policy in Korea : devaluation vs uniform export subsidy and import tariffKim, Kwang Doo
1977Optimum interest rate for a country under a floating exchange rate systemAbe, Shigeyuki
1977Technological progress, diffusion of technology and the international differences in labor productivityPark, Ae Sil Kim
1978Human energy supplementation and worker productivity : a case study of sugarcane cutters in GuatemalaImmink, Maarten D.C.
1978Patterns of final demand and income distribution : the case of JapanGrootaert, Christiaan
1978Tax incidence : a case study of ThailandPahirah, Manoon
1979Economics of abortion demand by pregnant married women : the ultimate fertility choiceMardfin, Douglas Ward
1979An econometric simulation of the effects of fertility control on the economy of TaiwanTung, Shui-liang
1979Labor supply, demand for children and wage rates of paid employees in ThailandNipon Poapongsakorn