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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003On effects of gradual capital market deregulation in Japan: spillovers in a mildly segmented stock marketTobita, Naomi
1990Optimal fiscal policy for the provision of local public services : some simulation results for the case of elementary education in KoreaOh, Young-Soo
1977Optimum interest rate for a country under a floating exchange rate systemAbe, Shigeyuki
1991The pattern of effective protection and its impact on China' s trade reformsWu, Kang
1978Patterns of final demand and income distribution : the case of JapanGrootaert, Christiaan
May-2012Pension system reform facing rapid aging : lessons from ChinaFu, Shi
1985Population density growth : economic effects and mitigation in LDCsMcCarthy, Michael J (Michael John), 1957
1983The pricing behavior of ocean liner conferencesWu, Younger
1989Public and private production of a private good : the case of cotton textile manufacturing industry in BangladeshNuruzzaman, Syed
Aug-2014Public goods experiments and a theoretical treatment of efficient bilateral networkNitta, Kohei
2003The role of government policy and communication in social dilemmasWachsman, Yoav
Aug-2003The role of nonbank intermediation in a financially repressed economy (theory and evidence based on the Korean economy, 1972--1994)Choi, Joong-Kyung
1985Rural labor markets and fertility in Thailand : an extension of the new household economics to integrate institutional and supply-side aspectsSuganya Hutaserani
1989Sectoral shifts and unemployment in JapanNishikawa, Masao
1995Selective credit allocation and industrial development in South KoreaKim, Hee Sik
1991The sensitivity of profits to changes in location decision variables: the use of aggregated data in the empirical analysis of a resource recovery firmHomer, John Selby
1975Some aspects of landlocked Nepal's trade relations with India, 1960/61-1969/70Shrestha, Omkar L (Omkar Lal)
1976Sources of employment growth in the Korean manufacturing sector, 1963-1973Park, Dong Un
1991Sources of growth for Singapore: 1960-1989. A disaggregated investment and savings constrained growth approachLian, Choon Beng
1975Static effects of a hypothetical customs union in the Indian sub-continentJayaraman, Tiruvalangadu Krishnamurthy