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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Economic analysis of leader compensation in communal irrigation systems of northern ThailandChindarsi, Kathleen Ann
1987External debt and the growth of the Korean economyKim, Chu-hun
1988An empirical study of policy incentives and comparative advantage in the fisheries industry of ThailandThanwa Jitsanguan
1988Factors affecting business mortality : a case study of the restaurant industry on Oahu, HawaiiQuanchai Aungtrakul
1989Public and private production of a private good : the case of cotton textile manufacturing industry in BangladeshNuruzzaman, Syed
1989Sectoral shifts and unemployment in JapanNishikawa, Masao
1989Market failure and the underprovision of parks and protected areasSherman, Paul B.
1989An empirical analysis of nontariff barriers and manufactured imports of JapanOkamoto, Yumiko
1990Evaluating economic integration in developing countries : an application for the ASEAN preferential trading arrangementImada, Pearl Y.
1990Technology transfer & restrictive trade practices : a microeconomic study of the Indian electronic industryKashyap, Arun
1990An inquiry into the nature of producers" behavior in a reforming economyWang, Tingting
1990Government trade intervention, thin markets and international price fluctuations : the case of the world rice marketHo, Wai Fun David
1990Optimal fiscal policy for the provision of local public services : some simulation results for the case of elementary education in KoreaOh, Young-Soo
1990Urban growth and the labor market in KoreaJoh, Hak-Kuk
1990A study on schooling and employment of married women in KoreaShin, Ho Hyun
1990China's Shenzhen special economic zone : a social benefit-cost analysisWu, Wai Man
1991An economic assessment of defensive medicineChang, Timothy T.Y.
1991Decentralization and the design of low-income housing strategies in developing countriesReyes, Joji I.
1991Congestion and bus frequencyFoster, Dennis
1991The effect of employer size on wage rates in KoreaYoon, Dong Sup