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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Economic analysis of shrimp culture in ThailandTokrisna, Ruangrai Manyanondh
1979A study of fertility and labor force participation of married women in KoreaKoo, Sung Yeal
1979An economic analysis of public land settlement alternatives in the PhilippinesJames, William E.
1980Economic model of a fisheries market with endogenous supply : the Hawaii skipjack tuna caseHudgins, Linda Lucas, 1946
1980The tenant's choice of subsidized housing in HawaiiTay, Boon Nga
1981An economic evaluation of military family response to the current Department of Defense housing programGertcher, Frank L.
1983A macroeconomic assessment of the costs of educational policies in Thailand : an elaboration of the Suits-Mason modelNaris Chaiyasoot
1983An empirical study of the effects of taxation on investment expenditures by selected firms in the forest products industrySingleton, William Ronnie
1983The pricing behavior of ocean liner conferencesWu, Younger
1984Agency costs, agricultural organization, and development in NepalSharma, Shankar P.
1984Effects of medical insurance on the demand for medical care in KoreaLee, Kyu Sik
1984Cross-sectional analysis of demand for labor and capital inputs in manufacturing industries : a case study of KoreaChoi, Sang-Mok
1984A system-wide approach to demand analysis for rental housing characteristics in Honolulu SMSA and effects of demographic variables on housing characteristicsKim, Wŏn-nyŏn
1984Economics of tour packagingSheldon, Pauline J.
1985A macroeconomic model of differential growth effects of national sectoral saving and foreign borrowing : an application to Thai dataKanjanee Kangwanpornsiri
1985A micro-analysis of demand for travel goods : an application to the business travelerSakai, Marcia Yuri
1985Population density growth : economic effects and mitigation in LDCsMcCarthy, Michael J (Michael John), 1957
1985Rural labor markets and fertility in Thailand : an extension of the new household economics to integrate institutional and supply-side aspectsSuganya Hutaserani
1986Factor bias and substitution with emphasis on imported and domestic intermediate goodsLee, Jong Dae
1986Effects of cohort size on male experience-earnings profiles in KoreaSin, Yŏng-su, 1952