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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003Development of shared mental models: Structuring distributed naturalistic decision making in a synchronous computer-mediated work environmentVick, Rita Michele
2004Does affect influence information overload?Djamasbi, Soussan D.
2005Self-efficacy, confidence, and overconfidence as contributing factors to spreadsheet development errorsTakaki, Steven T.
2005Technology acceptance of information servicesLuo, Mei-Ling
2005Hearts and minds through hands online: a narrative analysis of learning through co-reflection in an online action research courseYukawa, Joyce
2008Students' use of social and cognitive affordances in video game play within educational contexts : Implications for learningSharritt, Matthew J.
2008Informational exchanges among Hawaii marine stakeholdersMaurin, Paulo
2008Perceived quality and motivations on intention-to-use of a general web portalNam, Junghyun
May-2011A conceptual framework for best practices in information literacy instruction based on stakeholders' perceptions : a case study of four Vietnamese academic librariesDiep, Chi Kim
Aug-2011A Delphi policy study on the futures use of distance education within the University of Hawaiʻi systemGilbert, Patrick Joseph
Aug-2011Talking story : using narrative analysis to explore identity in middle school technology innovationMacLeod, Maureen Amber
Dec-2011Personal factors and efficiency of web searchingChen, Jeng-Her
May-2012Toward an understanding of college women's decisionmaking regarding the human papillomavirus vaccineYoda, Lisa Ukali
May-2012Exploring how technology mediates the types of relationships formed in sociotechnical systemsChu, Kar-Hai
May-2013The digital divide and health outcomes : a teleretinal imaging studyKihmm Connolly, Kathleen Hansook
May-2013From the weakest link to the best defense : exploring the factors that affect employee intention to comply with information security policiesAurigemma, Salvatore
May-2013The creation and application of two innovative real-time delphi and cross-impact simulation approaches to forecast the future : forecasting high-speed broadband developments for the State of HawaiʻiBergo, Rolv Alexander
May-2013Enhancing student learning and success through the use of social networking technologies : a design-based research approachLacro, Erika L.
May-2013Investigating the evolution of key member roles in socio-technical networks : introducing the composite role frameworkLid, Viil
May-2013SBL-online : implementing studio-based learning techniques in an online introductory programming course to address common programming errors and misconceptionsPolo, Blanca J.