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Title: Pollen Types Collected by Honey Bees at Three Localities on the Island of Hawaii Part I: Floral Source Identification
Authors: Arita, Lorna H.
Sakai, William S.
Moniz, Jadelyn J.
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Hawaiian Entomological Society
Citation: Arita LH, Sakai WS, Moniz JJ. 1989. Pollen types collected by honey bees at three localities on the island of Hawaii part I: floral source identification. Proc Hawaiian Entomol Soc 29:125-131.
Abstract: Pollen pellets removed from the hindlegs of honey bees returning to their hive, were collected on a monthly basis at 200 ft elevation at Hakalau and Panaewa, and at 4000 ft elevation at Volcano, all on the island of Hawaii. Pollen pellet samples were visually separated by color and identified as to floral source at the family level. These samples contained 97 pollen types from 29 plant families. Sixty-three pollen types were found exclusively at a single location: 23 types from 10 families at Hakalau, 12 types from 9 families at Panaewa, and 28 types from 15 families at Volcano. Thirty-four pollen types were found at more than one location; 5 types from 4 families at Hakalau and Panaewa. 6 types from 6 families at Panaewa and Volcano, and 14 types from 10 families at Hakalau and Volcano. Nine pollen types from 7 families were common to all three locations.
Pages/Duration: 8 pages
ISSN: 0073-134X
Appears in Collections:Volume 29 – 1989 : Hawaiian Entomological Society

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