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Title: Observations on the Morphology and Taxonomy of Phycopeltis hawaiiensis King (Chroolepidaceae) 
Author: Chapman, R.L.; Good, B.H.
Date: 1976-04
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Chapman RL, Good BH. 1976. Observations on the morphology and taxonomy of Phycopeltis hawaiiensis King (Chroolepidaceae). Pac Sci 30(2): 187-195.
Abstract: Observations with light and scanning electron microscopes indicate
the foliicolous chlorophyte Phycopeltis hawaiiensis King (Chroolepid aceae) is subcuticular and polystromatic, produces sterile hairs, and induces a distinct wounding,
reaction in sub tending host tissue. In comparison, similar observations on Pbycopeltis
epiphyton and other Phycopeltis species reveal that, although they are also foliicolous,
they are supracuticular and monostromatic. Also, they neither produce
sterile hairs nor induce a wounding response in the host leaf. Because the observed
characteristics of Phycopeltis hawaiiensis are similar to those of Cepbaleuros virescens and
other Cephaleuros species, it is suggested that Phycopeltis hawaiiensis is probably a
Cepbaleuros species; however, the absence of reproductive structures renders the
designation of a specific epithet problematic.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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