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  • Leung, PingSun; Smith, Burton J (University of Hawaii, 1983-05)
    A computer program was developed to facilitate evaluation of the five marketing alternatives that ranchers in Hawaii face with their weaned calves, including sale, placement in feedyard, pasture then place in feedyard, ...
  • Nakamoto, Stuart T; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 1987-06)
    The publication presents a worksheet intended to be completed by hand. It is intended to help nursery operators determine product mix, profitability of particular plants, whether to produce a plant or buy a plant for resale, ...
  • Nakamoto, Stuart T; Halloran, John M (University of Hawaii, 1989-07)
    This publication looks some of the problems with markets and marketing of Kona coffee and provides some recommendations for improvement.
  • Nakamoto, Stuart T; Halloran, John M; Kishimoto, Yuichi; Kazumi, Hajime (University of Hawaii, 1990-07)
    This publication presents information on Japan in the world coffee market. It includes distribution channels in Japan and consumer profiles and perceptions.
  • Raabe, Robert D; Connors, Ibra L; Martinez, Albert P; Nelson, Scot C (University of Hawaii, 2009-05)
    This listing, initially developed by Raabe, was revised and enlarged by Conners and Martinez in 1981 and subsequently digitized and revised by Nelson.

Now showing items 1-5 of 5


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