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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Amorphous Coatings on Soil Mineral Surfaces Sorb Phosphate and SulfateJones, Rollin C.; Fox, Robert L.
1973Crop Quality Control Through Soil Management Techniques: Manipulating Nitrogen and Water to Ripen SugarcaneFox, Robert L.; Isobe, Minoru
1980The External Phosphorus Requirements of PlantsFox, Robert L.; Nishimoto, Roy K.
1981Green Manuring—Renewed Interest in an Old ConceptYost, R.S.; Evans, D.O.; Saidy, N.A.; Fox, R.L.
1971Growth Response Curves--The "Law of Diminishing Returns"Fox, Robert L.
1978Improved Stiff-strawed Rice Varieties Utilize Nitrogen More Effectively Than Traditional VarietiesFox, Robert L.; Rotar, Peter P.
1978Liming in the Tropics: Comparative Response of Tropical and Temperate LegumesFox, Robert L.; Munns, Donald N.
1981Liming in the Tropics: Variable-Charge Soils May Be Highly BufferedFox, R.L.; Saidy, N.A.; Yost, R.S.
1973Low Soil Temperatures Depress Root Activity in the TropicsRavoof, A.A.; Fox, R.L.; Sanford, W.G.
1980Mapping Soil Fertility and Fertilizer RequirementsFox, Robert L.; Yost, Russell S.
1980Matching Crop Requirements to Land CharacteristicsManrique, Luis A.; Harris, David J.; Uehara, Goro
1978Molybdenum Deficiency Inhibits Nitrogen Fixation by LegumesFox, Robert L.; Whitney, A Sheldon
1980Mycorrhizae Enhance Nutrient Uptake from Infertile SoilsYost, Russell S.; Fox, Robert L.
1980Nitrogen and Potassium Interact to Shape a Yield Response SurfaceFox, Robert L.; Lower, Robert; Warner, Robert M.
1977Nitrogen Application Promotes Root Proliferation and Vegetative Growth of CornAsghar, M.; Kanehiro, Y.
1980Premature Leaf Senescence of Banana—A Symptom of Potassium ExhaustionFox, Robert L.; Lower, Robert
1978Residual Efficiency of Fertilizer Phosphorus: Field EvaluationFox, Robert L.; Plucknett, Donald L.
1978Soil Properties and Root Distribution Determine Water Availability to CropsGreen, Richard E.; Fox, Robert L.
1978Sorbed Phosphate and the Standard Phosphorus RequirementFox, Robert L.
1980Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation by Legumes Requires Extra PhosphorusCassman, Kenneth; Whitney, A Sheldon; Fox, Robert L.