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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1961Acerola; Nutritive Value and Home UseMiller, Carey D.; Wenkam, Nao S.; Fitting, Katherine O.
Dec-1964Diseases of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) in HawaiiTrujillo, E.E.
Nov-1968Diseases of Tuberose in HawaiiTrujillo, E.E.
Mar-1980Evaluation of Papaya Lines and Cultural Practices at Moloaa, Island of Kauai, HawaiiYee, Warren Y.J.; Sekioka, Terry T.; Nakasone, Henry Y.; Ikehara, Dennis K.; Ooka, Jeri J.; Akamine, Ernest K.
Mar-1970Growing Plants Without SoilMcCall, Wade W.; Nakagawa, Yukio
Nov-1965Hawaiian PlumeriasWatson, Donald P.; Chinn, James T.; Clay, Horace F.; Brewbaker, James L.
Dec-1981Horse NutritionBrooks, Coy C.; Campbell, Charles M.
Apr-1983Macadamia: Hawaii's Dessert NutHamilton, Richard A.; Ito, Philip J.; Chia, C.L.
Feb-1972National Parks in HawaiiMcCall, Wade W.
Jul-1978Producing Avocado in HawaiiYee, Warren
Sep-1981Raising Rabbits in HawaiiVogt, D.W.
1972Small Scale Poultry ProductionTanaka, Tokushi
Sep-1982Trees and Shrubs for Windbreaks in HawaiiShigeura, Gordon T.; McCall, Wade W.