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  • Miller, Carey D; Wenkam, Nao S; Fitting, Katherine O (University of Hawaii, 1961-06)
    Acerola is an excellent source of vitamin C. The publication discusses production of acerola juice and its use in various recipes.
  • Trujillo, E E (University of Hawaii, 1964-12)
    In Hawaii, ginger is a specialty crop that produces excellent cash returns in spite of serious losses due to disease and insect problems. It is estimated that a threefold increase in production is possible with effective ...
  • Trujillo, E E (University of Hawaii, 1968-11)
    Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa L. of Mexican origin, is cultivated in Hawaii for its fragrant, white, waxy flowers used to make leis. The plant is propagated by transplanting daughter tubers from older plants. This form of ...
  • McCall, Wade W; Nakagawa, Yukio (1970-03)
    This is a guide to soilless culture, in water, sand, or gravel, for both the hobbyist and commercial grower.
  • Tanaka, Tokushi (University of Hawaii, 1972)
    This manual provided basic information on poultry breeding, nutrition, and management for backyard poultry flocks.
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1972-02)
    This guide to Hawaii's national parks covers Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala National Park, City of Refuge National Historical Park, and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Maps and descriptions of the ...
  • Yee, Warren (University of Hawaii, 1978-07)
    Experiment station scientists in Hawaii had focused on avocado as a potential export crop since the station was founded in the early 1900s. In 1941, avocado acreage reached a peak of about 500 acres, but it subsequently ...
  • Yee, Warren Y J; Sekioka, Terry T; Nakasone, Henry Y; Ikehara, Dennis K; Ooka, Jeri J; Akamine, Ernest K (University of Hawaii, 1980-03)
    The land at Moloaa Island of Kauai, Hawaii, was intensely cultivated with sugarcane or pineapples for more than 50 years. When these crops were phased out in 1973 because of insufficient returns, small farmers supported ...
  • Vogt, D W (University of Hawaii, 1981-09)
    The circular provided basic information on rabbit housing and equipment, care, feeds and feeding, breeding, record keeping, diseases, and slaughtering and dressing.
  • Brooks, Coy C; Campbell, Charles M (University of Hawaii, 1981-12)
  • Shigeura, Gordon T; McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1982-09)
    Winds in Hawaii consist of the normal northeasterly trade winds and storm winds of greater velocity from various other directions. The publication listed numerous species, either tall upright trees for orchard and shelter ...
  • Hamilton, Richard A; Ito, Philip J; Chia, C L (University of Hawaii, 1983-04)
    This publication on macadamia nuts in Hawaii covers botany, cultivars, orchard establishment, fertilization, diseases and pests, and harvesting and processing.

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