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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961Some plant relationships in the bauxitic soils of KauaiPlucknett, Donald L, 1931
1962Effects of heavy applications of lime to soils derived from volcanic ash on the humid Hilo and Hamakua coasts, island of HawaiiRixon, Alan James
1962Pedogenesis of some highly ferruginous formations in HawaiiWalker, James Lester
1963Availability of phosphorus and utilization of phosphate fertilizers in some great soil groups of HawaiiDe Datta, Surajit K, 1933
1963The genesis of certain Hawaiian palaeosols and their alteration following burialBeckmann, G.G.
1964Effects of compression of some subtropical soils on the soil properties and upon root developmentTrouse, Albert Charles
1964Status and availability of zinc in Hawaiian soilsKanehiro, Yoshinori
1964Effects of dehydration and heavy liming on plant nutrition in the amorphous and crystalline tropical soils of HawaiiRana, Sarit Kumar
1964A study on the soils containing amorphous materials in the island of HawaiiHoung, Kun-Huang
19641965Ammonium fixation in Hawaiian soilsTamimi, Yusuf N (Yusuf Nimr)
1965The properties of the black earths of HawaiiRaymundo, Martin Eusebio
1965Effects of adsorbed cations on the physical properties of soils under arid conditionsAhmed, Saleem
1965Effect of the use of lime and other soil amendments on amorphous and differentially crystallized subsoil of the Akaka seriesDias, Irwin Patrick Solomon
1966Influence of soil structure on water retention, water movement and thermodynamic properties of adsorbed waterSharma, Munna Lal
1966Nitrogen fixation by three tropical forage legumes and the utilization of legume-fixed nitrogen by their associated grassesWhitney, A. S (Arthur Sheldon), 1933
1967Aluminum sorption by plants as influenced by calcium and potassiumGangwar, Mahendra Singh
1967A genetic study of the gray hydromorphic soils of the Hawaiian IslandsHussain, Md. Sultan
1967Immobilization and mineralization of nitrogen in Hawaiian soilsAgarwal, Anand Swaroop
1967The relationship between soil classes, soil properties, plant growth and soil management treatments in the Goondi Mill area of North Queensland, AustraliaMonteith, Nigel Hugh
1968Studies on nitrogen transformation and nitrate adsorption in soilsSingh, Budh Ram