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Jun-1989Calonectria Leaf Spot of Forster Sentry PalmUchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M.; Iwata, R.Y.
Jun-1989Pseudocercospora Leaf Spot of Raphis PalmUchida, J.Y.; Nagata, N.M.
Aug-1989Cylindrocladium Rot of SpathiphyllumUchida, J.Y.
Dec-1989Heliconia Root Rot and Foliar Blight Caused by CylindrocladiumUchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M.; Yahata, P.S.
Dec-1989Foliar Blight of Spathyphyllum Caused by PhytophthoraUchida, J.Y.
Jan-1990Pythium Root Rot of SpathiphyllumUchida, Janice Y.
Jun-1990Common Mistakes in Anthurium Blight Control Pracitices: An Aid to Anthurium Blight ManagementSewake, Kelvin T.; Kawabata, Andrew F.; Nishijima, Wayne T.; Higaki, Tadashi
Jul-1990Foliar Blight of Leea Caused by a Phytophthora SpeciesAragaki, M.; Uchida, J.Y.; Yahata, P.S.; Kadooka, C.Y.
May-1992Dracaena Decline and Root RotUchida, J.Y.; Kadooka, C.Y.; Aragaki, M.
Feb-1993A New Aglaonema Foliar Blight and Crown RotUchida, J.Y.; Yahata, P.S.