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198023:2 Proceedings - PHES-
1980Notes on the Seabug Hermatobates hawaiiensis China (Heteroptera: Hermatobatidae)Cheng, Lanna; Leis, E.W.
1980Food System of Tephritid Fruit Flies in HawaiiNishida, T.
1980Mortality of Nontarget Insects by Poison Bait Applied to Control the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae), in MoroccoHarris, E.J.; Hafraoui, A.; Toulouti, B.
1980Altitudinal Distribution of Endemic Psyllids (Homoptera: Psyllidae) in the Metrosideros EcosystemNishida, T.; Haramoto, F.H.; Nakahara, L.M.
1980Xenasteiidae, a New Family of Schizophora (Diptera) from the Pacific and Indian OceansHardy, D. Elmo
1980Plastic Traps for Detection and Survey of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) In MoroccoHafraoui, A.; Harris, E.J.; Chakir, A.
1980Biological Control of the Banana Skipper, Pelopidas thrax (Linnaeus), (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in HawaiiMau, Ronald F.L.; Murai, Kenneth; Kumashiro, Bernarr; Teramoto, Kenneth
1980Hawaiian Drosophila ProjectSpieth, Herman T.
1980Walter Carter, 1897-1977Sakimura, K.
1980Parasites as The Cause of High Incidence of Non-Viable Fly Puparia at Animal FarmsToyama, Gary M.; Ikeda, James K.
1980Life Table of the Corn Earworm, Heliothis zea (Boddie), in Sweet Corn in HawaiiVargas, Roger; Nishida, T.
1980Verification of the Absence of Oriental Fruit and Melon Fruit Fly Following an Eradication Program in the Mariana IslandsMitchell, Wallace C.
1980Choosing a Career: The Fascination of EntomologyRadovsky, Frank J.