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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
197221:2 Proceedings - PHES-
197221:2 Table of Contents - PHES-
1972Apparent Adverse Effect of Marisa cornuanetis upon Lymnaea columella and Biomphalaria glabrata in an Ornamental Pond in Puerto RicoPeebles, Charles R.; Oliver-Gonzalez, Jose; Ferguson, Frederick F.
1972Biological Control of Pamakani, Eupatorium adenophorum, in Hawaii by a Tephritid Gall Fly, Procecidochares utilis. 3. Status of the weed, fly and parasites of the fly in 1966-71 versus 1950-57Bess, Henry A.; Haramoto, Frank H.
1972Effects of Increasing Dosages of Gamma Irradiation on Wingbeat Frequencies of Dacus dorsalis Hendel Males and Females at Different Age LevelsSharp, John L.
1972Effects of Plastic Bags as Refuse Containers on Fly PopulationsIkeda, J.K.; Watanabe, W.H.; Toyama, G.; Shimoda, L.
1972Frankliniella invasor, new species, and notes on F. gardeniae and the Frankliniella spp. in Hawaii (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)Sakimura, K.
1972Insects and other Arthropods from Kwajalein Atoll (Marshall Islands)Sugerman, Bernard B.
1972Insects of Lib Island (Marshall Island)Sugerman, Bernard B.
1972Nosema tephrititae sp. n., A Microsporidian Pathogen of the Oriental Fruit Fly, Dacus dorsalis HendelFujii, Jack K.; Tamashiro, Minoru
1972The Number of Draeculacephala Species in Hawaii (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)Napompeth, Banpot; Nishida, Toshiyuki
1972On Some Foreign Carabidae Established in Hawaii (Coleoptera)Zimmerman, Elwood C.
1972A Preliminary Study of Honey Bee Foraging Range in Macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia, Maiden and Betche)Gary, Norman E.; Mau, Ronald F.L.; Mitchell, Wallace C.
1972Recent Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii XVIIDavis, C.J.
1972Science's Issues: Our ResponseChambers, D.L.
1972Seasonal Occurrence of the Hawaiian Cerambycidae (Col.)Gressitt, J.L.; Davis, C.J.
1972Some Early Records by J. D. Alfken of Insects from Hawaii and LaysanGurney, Ashley B.
1972Susceptibility of Varieties of papaya and Cucumber to the Papaya Mosaic Virus When Transmitted by the Green Peach AphidNamba, R.; Higa, S.Y.