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1966Insects Associated with the Flowers of the Coconut Palm, Cocos nucifera L., in HawaiiSholdt, L Lance
1966History of the Department of Entomology University of Hawaii, College of Tropical AgricultureMitchell, Wallace C.
1966Biological Control Investigations on Some Hawaiian WeedsKrauss, N.L.H.
1966The Susceptibility of Cactoblastis Cactorum (Berg) to Bacillus Thuringiensis var. ThuringiensisHuang, Shuch-shiang; Tamashiro, Minoru
1966Larva and Pupa of Amarygmus morio from Hawaii (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)Spilman, T.J.
1966A New Elaterid from Necker Island (Coleoptera: Elateridae)Samuelson, G.A.; Van Zwaluwenberg, R.H.
196619:2 Table of Contents - PHES-
196619:2 Proceedings - PHES-
1966Recent Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii — XIDavis, C.J.; Krauss, N.L.H.
1966Insects and Other Terrestrial Arthropods from the Leeward Hawaiian IslandsBeardsley, John W.
1966Investigations of Nysius spp. and Other Insects at Haleakala, Maui During 1964 and 1965Beardsley, John W.
1966Studies on the Life Cycle and Propagation Technique of montandoniola moraguesi (puton) (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae)Funasaki, G.Y.
1966Hypogaeic Mealybugs of the Hawaiian Islands (Homoptera : Pseudococcidae)Beardsley, John W.
1966Obituary: Hubert W. Simmonds 1877-1966Pemberton, C.E.
1966Field Observation of the Biotic Factors Regulating the Population of the Armyworm, Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth)Tanada, Y.
1966A Key to the Anthicidae of Hawaii, with One New Species (Coleoptera)Werner, Floyd G.
1966Toxicity of Several Insecticides to the Southern Green Stink Bug, Nezara viridula L.Miyazaki, Satoru; Sherman, Martin
1966Studies of Termite Wood-feeding PreferencesMcMahan, Elizabeth A.
1966Virus and Insect Parasite Interaction in the Lawn Armyworm, Spodoptera mauritia acronyctoides (Guenee)Laigo, F.M.; Tamashiro, M.