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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Featured Art: Ric R Castro-
2005French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific, or When France Makes Light of Its Duty to RememberTetiarahi, Gabriel
2005"Hawaiian at Heart" and Other FictionsHall, Lisa Kahaleole
2005In Quest of Dialogue on a "Hot" SubjectChappell, David A.
2005Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2004Chappell, David A.; Jowitt, Anita; Timmer, Jaap
2005New Caledonia in Review: Issues and Events, 2004Chappell, David A.
2005The Nuclear Age in the Pacific IslandsMaclellan, Nic
2005The Nuclear Issue in the South Pacific: Labor Parties, Trade Union Movements, and Pacific Island Churches in International RelationsRegnault, Jean-Marc
2005Of Blood and of the Heart: An Interview with Georgia Ka'apuni McMillenCilano, Cara
2005Papua in Review: Issues and Events, 2004Timmer, Jaap
2005The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2004Von Strokirch, Karin
2005ReplyRegnault, Jean-Marc
2005Response to RegnaultBarrillot, Bruno; Doom, John Taroanui
2005Review of Anuta: Polynesian Lifeways for the 21st Century, by Richard FeinbergMonberg, Torben
2005Review of Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society, by Joel RobbinsMacdonald, Mary N.
2005Review of Bittersweet: The Indo-Fijian Experience, edited by Brij V LalQuanchi, Max
2005Review of Cargo, Cult, and Culture Critique, edited by Holger JebensSmith, Michael French
2005Review of Conceiving Cultures: Reproducing People and Places on Nuakata, Papua New Guinea, by Shelley MallettButt, Leslie
2005Review of Exchanging the Past: A Rainforest World of Before and After, by Bruce M KnauftErnst, Thomas
2005Review of Identity and Development: Tongan Culture, Agriculture, and the Perenniality of the Gift, by Paul van der GrijpEvans, Mike