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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Review of Selo! Selo! Bigfala CanoeLindstrom, Lamont
2000Review of O Tamaiti (The children); Velvet DreamsMarsh, Selina Tusitala
2000Review of Kava: The Drink of the GodsEarly, Robert
2000Review of Kilim TaemBolton, Lissant
2000IntroductionWesley-Smith, Terence
200012:2 Table of Contents - The Contemporary Pacific-
200012:2 Contributors - The Contemporary Pacific-
2000Remaking Footprints: Palauan Migrants in Hawai‘iAsang, Isebong
2000Exporting People: The Philippines and Contract Labor in PalauAlegado, Dean; Finin, Gerard
2000Review of American Anthropology in Micronesia: An Assessment, edited by Robert C Kiste and Mac MarshallLieber, Michael D.
2000Review of Gutsini Posa (Rough seas), by Regis StellaWinduo, Steven Edmund
2000Review of Baby No-Eyes, by Patricia GraceWhaitiri, Reina
2000Placing Movers: An Overview of the Asian-Pacific Migration SystemGoss, Jon; Lindquist, Bruce
2000The Japanese Encounter with the South: Japanese Tourists in PalauYamashita, Shinji
2000Niche or Mass Market? The Regional Context of Tourism in PalauCarlile, Lonny
2000Taiwan's Foreign Economic Relations with Developing Nations: A Case Study of Its Ties with PalauHarwit, Eric
2000The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1999Firth, Stewart
2000Fiji in Review: Issues and Events, 1999Tarte, Sandra
2000A Selected Bibliography of Economic Development in the Republic of PalauBarnwell, Jane
2000The Meanings of Work in Contemporary Palau: Policy Implications of Globalization in the PacificNero, Karen L.; Murray, Fermina Brel; Burton, Michael L.