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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Review of Modern Papua New Guinea, edited by Laura Zimmer-TamakoshiBarlow, Kathleen
2000Review of Common Worlds and Single Lives: Constituting Knowledge in Pacific Societies, edited by Verena KeckRohatynskyj, Marta
2000Review of Changing Their Minds: Tradition and Politics in Contemporary Fiji and Tonga, by Rory EwinsJames, Kerry
2000Review of Bridging Mental Boundaries in a Postcolonial Microcosm: Identity and Development in Vanuatu, by William F S MilesAdams, Ron
2000Review of Bougainville 1988-98: Five Searches for Security in the North Solomons Province of Papua New Guinea, by Karl ClaxtonOgan, Eugene
2000Review of Dreadlocks: In Oceania, volume 1, 1997, edited by Sudesh Mishra and Elizabeth GuyThompson, Christina
2000Review of Being Ourselves for You: The Global Display of Cultures, by Nick StanleyImada, Adria
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200012:1 Contributors - The Contemporary Pacific-
2000Review of My Gun, My Brother: The World of the Papua New Guinea Colonial Police, 1920-1960, by August IbrumHempenstall, Peter
2000Review of Another Way: The Politics of Constitutional Reform in Post-Coup Fiji, by Brij V LalNaidu, Vijay
2000Tonga in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1998 to 30 June 1999James, Kerry
2000Tokelau in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1998 to 30 June 1999Kalolo, Kelihiano
2000Wallis and Futuna in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1998 to 30 June 1999Angleviel, Frédéric
2000Federated States of Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1998 to 30 June 1999Peter, Joakim
2000Review of The Sky Travellers: Journeys in New Guinea 1938-1939, by Bill GammageFirth, Stewart
2000Reconciling Ethnicity and Nation: Contending Discourses in Fiji's Consitutional ReformNorton, Robert
2000Festival Mania, Tourism, and Nation-Building in Fiji: The Case of the Hibiscus Festival, 1956-1970Bossen, Claus
2000Fact of Fable? The Consequences of Migration for Educational Achievement and Labor Market ParticipationMacpherson, Cluny; Bedford, Richard; Spoonley, Paul
2000Transforming the Insider-Outsider Perspective: Postcolonial Fiction from the PacificTawake, Sandra