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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1997Ballard, Chris; Chappell, David A.; Tarte, Sandra; Wesley-Smith, Terence
1998Nationalism and Interdependence: The Political Thought of Jean-Marie TjibaouBensa, Alban; Wittersheim, Eric
1998New Caledonia in Review: Issues and Events, 1997Chappell, David A.
1998The Ocean in UsHau'ofa, Epeli
1998Papua New Guinea in Review: Issues and Events, 1997Wesley-Smith, Terence
1998The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1997Von Strokirch, Karin
1998Review of Anyan's Story: A New Guinea Woman in Two Worlds, by Virginia Drew WatsonZimmer-Tamakoshi, Laura
1998Review of Double Ghosts: Oceanian Voyagers on Euroamerican Ships, by David A ChappellFinney, Ben
1998Review of Homeland: Special Focus - New Writing from New Zealand, edited by Frank Stewart; Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan, feature editorsSharrad, Paul
1998Review of Living Tradition: A Changing Life in Solomon Islands, as told by Michael Kwa'ioloa to Ben BurtFrazer, Ian
1998Review of Narratives of Nation in the South Pacific, edited by Ton Otto and Nicholas ThomasLarmour, Peter
1998Review of Rabaul Yu Swit Moa Yet: Surviving the 1994 Volcanic Eruption, by Klaus Neumann; Tavurvur I Puongo: Students' Accounts of the 1994 Eruptions in East New Britain, edited by Klaus NeumannNeall, Vincent E.
1998Review of The Covenant Makers: Islander Missionaries in the Pacific, edited by Doug Munro and Andrew ThornleyHuber, Mary Taylor
1998Review of The Pacific Way: A Memoir, by Ratu Sir Kamisese MaraNorton, Robert
1998Review of Think of Garden and Other Plays, by John KneubuhlEdmond, Murray
1998Review of Tokelau: A Historical Ethnography, by Judith Huntsman and Antony HooperFeinberg, Richard
1998Review of Where We Once Belonged, by Sia Figiel; The Girl in the Moon Circle, Sia FigielSinavaiana-Gabbard, Caroline
1998Sleights of Hand and the Construction of Desire in a Papua New Guinea ModernityGewertz, Deborah; Errington, Frederick