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Title: Integration of National Standards in a Japanese language classroom (manual+video) 
Author: Hijirida, K.; Ishida, K.; Yamamoto, Y.
Date: 1999
Publisher: National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawai‘i
Citation: Hijirida, K., Ishida, K., & Yamamoto, Y. (1999). Integration of National Standards in a Japanese language classroom (NFLRC Video #09) [video + guidebook]. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i, Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center.
Abstract: This 20-minute video plus guidebook familiarizes pre-service and in-service teachers of Japanese with the “five C” goals of the Japanese National Standards and illustrates the concept of learning scenarios with classroom examples. The guidebook assists the viewers as well as supplements the video with additional examples and tips. The video project was funded by the US-Japan Foundation and supported by the National Working Group on Japanese Language Competency Goals, convened by the Association of the Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) and the National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT). Video is encoded with DivX, you may download a free DivX video viewer for viewing the videos in our collection at (Windows) or (Mac).
Keywords: Japanese, National Standards, language instruction

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