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Jan-1978Abstracts of Papers: Third Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium 13-14 April 1978-
Apr-1978A New Species and New Section of the Genus Freycinetia (Pandanaceae) from New CaledoniaStone, Benjamin C.
197933: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-1979The Systematics of the Aeolidacea (Nudibranchia: Mollusca) of the Hawaiian Islands, with Descriptions of Two New SpeciesGosliner, Terrence M.
Jan-1979Humpback Whales in Hawaiian Waters: A Study in Historical EcologyHerman, Louis M.
Jan-1979Vicia menziesii Sprengel (Fabaceae) Rediscovered: Its Taxonomic RelationshipsLassetter, J Stuart; Gunn, Charles R.
Jan-1979Some Small Collections of Alpheid Shrimp from the Indian Ocean, Including Two New Species of the Genus SynalpheusBanner, Albert H.; Banner, Dora M.
Jan-1979A New Species of Garden Eel (Congridae: Heterocongrinae) of the Genus Gorgasia from HawaiiRandall, John E.; Chess, James R.
Jan-1979The Vegetation of Hawaii as Seen on Captain Cook's Voyage in 1779St. John, Harold
Jan-197933:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-1979Manganiferous Soil Concretions from HawaiiGlasby, G.P.; Rankin, P.C.; Meylan, M.A.
Apr-197933:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-1979Some Aspects of the Biology and Functional Morphology of Trapezium (Neotrapezium) sublaevigatum (Lamarck) (Bivalvia: Arcticacea)Morton, Brian
Apr-1979Novelties in the Genus Pelea (Rutaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 50St. John, Harold
Apr-1979The Rainbow Skink, Lampropholis delicata, in HawaiiBaker, James K.
Apr-1979Mineralogy of Deep-Sea Sediments Along the Murray Fracture ZoneFan, Pow-Foong
Apr-1979Cyclopoid Copepods (Lichomolgidae) Associated with the Scleractinian Cyphastrea in New CaledoniaHumes, Arthur G.
Apr-1979Effect of Sewage Enrichment on the Phytoplankton Population of a Subtropical EstuaryLaws, Edward A.; Redalje, Donald G.
Apr-1979Phenolic Chemotaxonomy of the Genus Pelea A. Gray (Rutaceae)Floyd, Mary E.
Apr-1979Diatom Distribution and Mercury Levels in Two Hawaiian Intertidal Marine BeachesSaboski, Eleanor M.