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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1998Sunturf' BermudagrassHensley, David
Oct-1998Adaptation of Turfgrasses in HawaiiMurdoch, Charles; Deputy, James; Hensley, David; Tavares, James
May-1999Watering LawnsHensley, David; Deputy, James; Tavares, James
Jul-1999Calculating the Amount of Fertilizer Needed for Your LawnMurakami, Paul; Oshiro, Kim; Hensley, David
Sep-1999Tropic Lalo' Paspalum for Soil Erosion ControlJoy, Robert J.; Rotar, Peter P.
Feb-2000Dogs and LawnsHensley, David; LeaMaster, Brad
Oct-2000Turf Fertilizers for Hawaii's LandscapesDeputy, Jay
Dec-2007Managing Bermudagrass Athletic FieldsBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Jan-2008BermudagrassBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Feb-2008Seashore PaspalumBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Feb-2008St. AugustinegrassBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Mar-2008ZoysiagrassBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Mar-2008CentipedegrassBrosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J.
Jun-2008Chemical Weed Control Options for Turfgrasses in Hawai'iBrosnan, J.T.; DeFrank, J.
Mar-2009Common Lawn Grasses for HawaiiDeputy, Jay