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Turf Management, 1998 - present

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  • Murdoch, Charles; Deputy, James; Hensley, David; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1998-10)
    The major turfgrasses used in Hawaii are described in terms of their tolerances to shade, salt, weeds, and drought, and they are compared in their density, establishment rate, mowing factors, and other requirements.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-01)
    Hybrid and common types of bermudagrass are described. Guidelines on turf establishment and maintenance are given.
  • Murakami, Paul; Oshiro, Kim; Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 1999-07)
    General recommendations for fertilizing turfgrasses are given in pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet, but fertilizers contain different amounts of N, and lawns vary in area. A method for measuring the square footage ...
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-03)
    Cultivars, establishment, and maintenance of centipedegrass are described.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; DeFrank, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-06)
    This is a guide to use of registered herbicides against various weeds in different turfgrasses.
  • Deputy, Jay (University of Hawaii, 2009-03)
    A table compares appearance, desirable and undesirable characteristics, and some use and management aspects of numerous turf species and cultivars for Hawaii's conditions.
  • Hensley, David; LeaMaster, Brad (University of Hawaii, 2000-02)
    Dogs and high-quality lawns often do not mix. This publication details the sources of turf damage caused by dogs and the approaches to correcting and preventing them.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2007-12)
    Bermudagrass is the most commonly used turfgrass on athletic fields in Hawaii. Maintenance in these high-use situation is described, along with potential weed, insect, and plant disease problems.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-02)
    Often called "nutgrass" in Hawaii, this weed is common in turf and ornamental plantings. Cultural and chemical controls are described.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-02)
    Seashore paspalum is adapted to coastal areas in Hawaii and displays a wide range of tolerances. Cultivars, establishment, and maintenance are described.
  • Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 1998-01)
    This turfgrass is favored for low-use areas, and is common in home lawns. Cultivars, establishment, and maintenance are described.
  • Joy, Robert J.; Rotar, Peter P. (University of Hawaii, 1999-09)
    This turfgrass is a naturally occuring hybrid that was one of the first "improved" bermudagrass types for high-quality home and commercial lawns. Its establishment and maintenance are described.
  • Deputy, Jay (University of Hawaii, 2000-10)
    This cultivar is a widely adaptable, low-maintenance groundcover for erosion control in orchards, waterways, roadsides, and other erosion-prone areas.
  • Hensley, David; Deputy, James; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1999-05)
    Optimizing soil pH and nutrient levels are the primary objectives of soil management for turf areas. The various inorganic and organic nitrogen sources are described.
  • Brosnan, J.T.; Deputy, J. (University of Hawaii, 2008-03)
    Determining when, how much, and with what equipment irrigation should be applied to turfgrasses is discussed.

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