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  • Wong, Melvin (University of Hawaii, 2005-01)
    Early salinity damage to plants is often not detected. The symptoms of salinity injury include dark bluish-green foliage, smaller leaves, shorter internodes, reduced growth, and chlorotic lower leaves at later growth stages.
  • Ogoshi, R.M.; Tsuji, G.Y.; Uehara, G.; Kefford, N.P. (University of Hawaii, 1998-10)
    The study showed that an agronomic model and economic analysis are useful tools for agricultural decision-making in Hawaii. Crop models shortened the time needed to test and determine suitable management schemes to produce ...
  • Ikawa, Ike; Hue, Nguyen; Yost, Russell (University of Hawaii, 2010)
    This poster describes and provides color photos of ten different soil orders in Hawaii.
  • Deenik, J.; McClellan, A.T. (University of Hawaii, 2007-09)
    Ten major soil orders found in Hawaii are described, and maps show their distribution on the six main Hawaiian islands.
  • Kawabata, A.F.; Nishijima, W.T. (University of Hawaii, 2004-06)
    Optimal conditions for temperature, light, fertilizer, and water affecting production, shipping, and postproduction of 7 important foliage plants produced for export in Hawaii are given in a table.
  • Robotham, Michael; Smith, Chris; Valenzuela, Hector (University of Hawaii, 2004-01)
    Sampling for environmental pollutants that result from agricultural practices is described.
  • Hue, N.V.; Uchida, R.; Ho, M.C. (University of Hawaii, 2004-07)
    Soil sampling procedure for samples to be submitted to a laboratory for fertility analysis are described, and the standard analyses performed are explained. A form for submitting samples to the UH-CTAHR Agricultural ...
  • Fares, A.; Deb, S.K.; Ryder, M.H. (University of Hawaii, 2009-05)
    An experiment studied effects of sunn hemp or oat plantings on loss of sediment and nutrients from an agricultural soil in runoff following rainfall. The study concluded that both plants can effectively reduce sediment and ...
  • Wong, Melvin (University of Hawaii, 2005-01)
    General recommendations on soil amendments to influence soil pH, nutrient availability, and drainage in various types of soils are given.
  • Hooks, Cerruti R2; Fereres, Alberto; Wang, Koon-Hui (University of Hawaii, 2007-06)
    The utility of plant barriers to reduce aphid movement in crops and the resulting transmission of plant viruses is discussed.
  • Wong, Melvin (University of Hawaii, 2005-01)
    Keys to identifying nutrient deficiencies based on whether they first occur on older leaves or newer leaves are given, and iron deficiency on four ornamental plants is shown.
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