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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Salinity Effects in Nursery and Landscape PlantsWong, Melvin
Oct-1998Simulation of Best Management Practices for Soybean Production in HawaiiOgoshi, R.M.; Tsuji, G.Y.; Uehara, G.; Kefford, N.P.
2010Soil Orders in HawaiiIkawa, Ike; Hue, Nguyen; Yost, Russell
Sep-2007Soils of Hawai'iDeenik, J.; McClellan, A.T.
Jun-2004Summary of Production and Handling Recommendations for Selected Foliage PlantsKawabata, A.F.; Nishijima, W.T.
Jan-2004Testing for Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorus for Environmental Pollution MonitoringRobotham, Michael; Smith, Chris; Valenzuela, Hector
Jul-2004Testing Your Soil: Why and How to Take a Soil-Test SampleHue, N.V.; Uchida, R.; Ho, M.C.
May-2009Use of Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water QualityFares, A.; Deb, S.K.; Ryder, M.H.
Jan-2005Use of Soil Amendments in Landscape PlantingsWong, Melvin
Jun-2007Using Protector Plants to Guard Crops from Aphid-borne Non-persistent VirusesHooks, Cerruti R2; Fereres, Alberto; Wang, Koon-Hui
Jan-2005Visual Symptoms of Plant Nutrient Deficiencies in Nursery and Landscape PlantsWong, Melvin