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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2011Acidification of Volcanic Ash Soils from Maui and Hawai‘i Island for Blueberry and Tea ProductionKawabata, Andrew F.; Deenik, Jonathan L.; Hamasaki, Randall T.; Lichty, Joanne; Nakamoto, Stuart T.
Aug-2009Benefits and Costs of Using Perennial Peanut as Living Mulch for Fruit Trees in HawaiiRadovich, Ted; Cox, Linda J.; Sugano, Jari; Idol, Travis
Jun-2009Best Management Practices to Minimize Nonpoint-source Pollution in AgricultureAbbas, F.; Fares, A.
Jul-2006Collecting Plant Disease and Insect Pest Samples for Problem DiagnosisNelson, Scot C.; Bushe, Brian C.
Mar-2007Germinating Tea Seeds (Camellia sinensis)Sato, Dwight
Jul-2001Impact of Organic Inputs on Taro Production and ReturnsMiyasaka, Susan C.; Hollyer, James R.; Cox, Linda J.
Oct-2007The Impact of Sunn Hemp Cover Cropping on Belowground Organisms and Nutrient Status Associated with a Cucumber PlantingHooks, Cerruti R2; Chandara, Khamphout; Fallon, Declan; Wang, Koon-Hui; Manandhar, Roshan
May-2009Irrigation Systems and Nutrient Sources for FertigationFares, A.; Abbas, F.
Jun-1998Managing Manganese Toxicity in Former Sugarcane Soils on OahuHue, N.V.; Silva, J.A.; Uehara, G.; Hamasaki, R.T.; Uchida, R.; Bunn, P.
Jul-2003Manual on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Production and Inoculation TechniquesMiyasaka, S.C.; Habte, M.; Friday, J.B.; Johnson, E.V.
Nov-2009Maximizing Yields of Corn for Silage and Bioethanol in Hawaii by Increasing Planting DensityBrewbaker, James L.
Jul-2006Nitrogen Mineralization Potential in Important Agricultural Soils of Hawai'iDeenik, Jonathan
Jul-2002Nutrient Deficiences and Excesses in TaroMiyasaka, Susan C.; Hamasaki, Randall T.; de la Pena, Ramon S.
Sep-2008Obtaining Seeds and Plants for ConservationJoy, Robert J.; Evans, Dale O.
Sep-2007Pesticides Currently Registered for Use in Taro in Hawai'i (2007)Anonymous
Oct-2006Phosphorus Fertilizer Management for Head CabbageDeenik, J.; Hamasaki, R.; Shimabuku, R.; Nakamoto, S.; Uchida, R.
Sep-2007Phosphorus Fertilizer Management for Romaine Lettuce Grown in Fertile Volcanic Ash Soils of Hawai'iDeenik, J.; Hamasaki, R.; Shimabuku, R.; Uchida, R.
Jun-2004Producing Bacterial Wilt-Free Ginger in Greenhouse CultureHepperly, Paul; Zee, Francis; Kai, Russell; Arakawa, Claire; Meisner, Mark; Kratky, Bernard; Hamamoto, Kert; Sato, Dwight
Jan-2005Salinity Effects in Nursery and Landscape PlantsWong, Melvin
Oct-1998Simulation of Best Management Practices for Soybean Production in HawaiiOgoshi, R.M.; Tsuji, G.Y.; Uehara, G.; Kefford, N.P.