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  • Sipes, Brent; Kuehnle, Adelheid; Lichty, Joanne; Sewake, Kelvin; Hara, Arnold (University of Hawaii, 2004-06)
    Control considerations when preparing a new planting or managing the pest in an established planting are discussed.
  • Sipes, BS; Schmitt, DP; Nelson, SC (University of Hawaii, 2001-04)
    Radopholus similis is a serious pathogen affecting a wide range of plants grown in Hawaii. Control options in nursery crops, including anthurium, and field plantings are discussed.
  • Bushe, Brian C; Nishimima, Wayne T; Hara, Arnold H; Sato, Dwight M (University of Hawaii, 2004-04)
    Flower injury caused by diseases, insects, mites, slugs, and birds, and mechanical, physiological, and environmental factors are illustrated.
  • Uchida, Janice Y; Ogata, Desmond; Nagata, Norman (University of Hawaii, 1999-06)
    TWSV, vectored by thrips, was noticed on anthurium; the publication describes the infection and shows the resulting water-soaked spots and blights on leaves.

Now showing items 1-4 of 4


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