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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1997Colletotrichum Leaf Spot of Red Sealing Wax PalmUchida, Janice Y.; Kadooka, Chris Y.
May-1997Diseases of Leatherleaf Fern Caused by Calonectria and Cylindrocladium SpeciesUchida, Janice Y.; Kadooka, Chris Y.
Dec-1997Banana Bunchy Top VirusFerreira, Stephen A.; Trujillo, Eduardo E.; Ogata, Desmond Y.
Oct-1998Management Practices to Prevent and Control Plant DiseasesFerreira, Stephen A.
Oct-1998Foliar Nematodes on Orchids in HawaiiUchida, Janice Y.; Sipes, Brent S.
Dec-1998Plant-parasitic Nematodes and Their ManagementSchmitt, Donald P.; Sipes, Brent S.
Mar-1999Coffee Decline Caused by the Kona Coffee Root-knot NematodeSerracin, Mario; Shmitt, Don; Nelson, Scot
Jun-1999Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on AnthuriumUchida, Janice Y.; Ogata, Desmond; Nagata, Norman
Dec-2000Awa Dieback in HawaiiNelson, Scot C.
Mar-2001Awa Root-Knot DiseaseNelson, Scot C.; Sipes, Brent S.; Serracin, Mario; Schmitt, Donald P.
Apr-2001Burrowing Nematode, a Major Pest in the TropicsSipes, B. S.; Schmitt, D. P.; Nelson, S. C.
Aug-2002Improvements in Taro Culture and Reduction in Disease LevelsUchida, Janice Y.; Silva, James A.; Kadooka, Chris Y.
Oct-2002Managing Coffee Nematode DeclineNelson, Scot; Schmitt, Donald; Smith, Virginia Easton
Apr-2003Burrowing Nematode on Anthurium: Recognizing Symptoms, Understanding the Pathogen, and Preventing DiseaseUchida, J. Y.; Sipes, B. S.; Kadooka, C. Y.
Apr-2004Identifying Anthurium Flower InjuriesBushe, Brian C.; Nishimima, Wayne T.; Hara, Arnold H.; Sato, Dwight M.
Jun-2004Anthurium Decline: Options for Controlling Burrowing NematodeSipes, Brent; Kuehnle, Adelheid; Lichty, Joanne; Sewake, Kelvin; Hara, Arnold
Sep-2004Black Flag of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Caused by a Phytophthora SpeciesNelson, Scot C.
Jul-2005Noni Root Knot, a Destructive Disease of Morinda citrifolia in HawaiiNelson, Scot
Jul-2005Integrated Pest Management for 'Awa (Piper methysticum)Nelson, Scot
Jul-2005Rhizopus Rot of JackfruitNelson, Scot