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  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2009-01)
    This disease first caused significant kava crop losses in Hawaii in the early 2000s, as large monocrops were established. Management by variety choice, site selection, polycropping, and fungicide sprays is described.
  • White, Ferol; Motomura, Sharon; Miyasaka, Susan; Kratky, B. A. (University of Hawaii, 2013-04)
    This guide outlines how to grow disease-free ginger in 7-gallon pots.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2008-10)
    These mold fungi do not infect plant tissues but feed on honeydew produced by sap-sucking insects; their damage is cosmetic, but they do reduce photosynthesis when covering leaf tissues. Examples of the mold on kava, noni, ...
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2005-09)
    Stem wounding in a moist environment causes a conspicuous black stain seeping down from the wound.
  • Wang, Koon-Hui; Hooks, Cerruti R.R. (University of Hawaii, 2009-06)
    Spiral, burrowing, reniform, root-knot, and lesion nematodes are found on banana roots in Hawaii. Heavy infestations can cause significant yield reductions. Root-knot nematodes were found on all farms surveyed, but a ...
  • Nelson, Scot; Brooks, Fred; Teves, Glenn (University of Hawaii, 2011-07)
    This publication discusses the causal pathogen, symptoms of the diseae, and management options for taro leaf blight in Hawai‘i.
  • Melzer, Michael J.; Tripathi, Savarni; Matsumoto, Tracie; Keith, Lisa; Sugano, Jari; Borth, Wayne B.; Wieczorek, Ania; Gonsalves, Dennis; Hu, John S. (University of Hawaii, 2012-04)
    This article describes the symptoms and spread of tomato spotted wilt, management techniques, and the future of biotechnology in the fight against tomato spotted wilt.
  • Uchida, Janice Y.; Ogata, Desmond; Nagata, Norman (University of Hawaii, 1999-06)
    TWSV, vectored by thrips, was noticed on anthurium; the publication describes the infection and shows the resulting water-soaked spots and blights on leaves.
  • Sugano, Jari; Melzer, Michael; Pant, Archana; Radovich, Ted; Fukuda, Steve; Migita, Susan; Uyeda, Jensen (University of Hawaii, 2011-11)
    This study was a field trial of tomato varieties' resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus. Growers were able to assess characteristics of tolerant hybrids and then assess the plants' sustainability in localized field ...
  • Hooks, Cerruti R2; Wright, Mark G. (University of Hawaii, 2008-01)
    Cucurbit crops are affected by several insect-vectored virus disorders and phytotoxemias resulting from insect feeding. Results of a field experiment with zucchini in monoculture or interplanted with either a white clover ...
  • Nelson, Scot; Sewake, Kelvin (University of Hawaii, 2008-08)
    A new vent opened in Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii increased emissions of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere in early 2008. The publication discusses the effects of the increased volcanic output on foliar injury ...
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2006-10)
    Sources of zinc for soil amendment are listed, and growers are cautioned against allowing the soil phosphorus level to increase due to excessive fertilizer applications.
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