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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2009Landscape Disease Problems in Hawai'iNelson, Scot
Aug-2008Late Blight of Tomato (Phytophthora infestans)Nelson, Scot C.
Jul-2008Lightning Injury to PlantsNelson, Scot C.
Dec-2011Maize Chlorotic MottleNelson, Scot; Brewbaker, James; Hu, John
Oct-2012Major Basil Pests in Hawaii: Three Economically Important Basil Pests as of 2012 (Chinese translation)Uyeda, Jensen; Sugano, Jeri; Chou, Ming-Yi; Fukuda, Steve; Uchida, Janice; Melzer, Michael; Tsuda, Dick; Wang, Koon Hui; Kawate, Mike
Oct-1998Management Practices to Prevent and Control Plant DiseasesFerreira, Stephen A.
Oct-2002Managing Coffee Nematode DeclineNelson, Scot; Schmitt, Donald; Smith, Virginia Easton
Aug-2008Mango Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes)Nelson, Scot C.
Aug-2008Mango Powdery MildewNelson, Scot C.
Jul-2005Noni Root Knot, a Destructive Disease of Morinda citrifolia in HawaiiNelson, Scot
Oct-2008Phytophthora Blight of PapayaNelson, Scot
Dec-1998Plant-parasitic Nematodes and Their ManagementSchmitt, Donald P.; Sipes, Brent S.
Jan-2009Plumeria RustNelson, Scot
Oct-2008Postharvest Rots of BananaNelson, Scot
Jul-2012Potassium Deficiency of Palms in HawaiiNelson, Scot; Patnude, Erik
Jul-2012Powdery Mildew of Papaya in HawaiiCunningham, Brennen; Nelson, Scot
Jul-2007Protecting Crops from Nematode Pests: Using Marigold as an Alternative to Chemical NematicidesWang, Koon-Hui; Hooks, Cerruti R2; Ploeg, Antoon
Jul-2005Rhizopus Rot of JackfruitNelson, Scot
Feb-2009Rhizopus Soft Rot of SweetpotatoNelson, Scot
Apr-2012Root-knot Nematodes on Cucurbits in HawaiiDorman, Miriam; Nelson, Scot