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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2006Coqui Frog Control for Homeowners: Methods to Stop the Spread of Coqui Frogs in Hawai'iAnonymous
Apr-2003Greenhouse Frog or Coqui Frog? Differences Between Two Eleutherodactylus Species Found in Hawai'iChun, S.; Hara, A.H.; Niino-DuPonte, R.Y.
Jun-2012Injuries Caused by the Giant African Snail to PapayaNelson, Scot
Sep-2005Mite Control Chart for Ornamental CropsKawabata, Andrew F.; Hara, Arnold; Bushe, Brian; Jacobsen, Christopher
Dec-2002Mites on OrnamentalsMersino, Edwin
Aug-2002The Orchid Snail as a Pest of Orchids in HawaiiHollingsworth, Robert G.; Sewake, Kelvin T.
Jun-2012Rat-Feeding Injury to Plants in HawaiiNelson, Scot