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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1997Selecting a Tree Care ProfessionalMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Sep-1997Watering TreesMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Oct-1997Mulching for Healthier Landscape PlantsMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Dec-1997Planting a TreeMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Feb-1998Using Trees to Save EnergyMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Jun-1998Fertilizers for Trees and ShrubsHensley, David; Meade, Ginny
Jun-1998Staking and Guying Newly Planted TreesMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David
Aug-1998Pruning Landscape Trees and ShrubsMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Apr-1999Using Tensiometers for Measuring Soil Water and Scheduling IrrigationHensley, David; Deputy, James
Oct-2000Guidelines for Professional Turf and Groundcover ManagementDeputy, Jay
Feb-2001Weed Control Options in Landscape Beds and GroundcoversDeputy, Jay; DeFrank, Joe
May-2006Edible Plants for Hawai'i LandscapesWong, Melvin
May-2006Terminal Chlorosis on Landscape PlantsWong, Melvin
May-2006Mature-Leaf Chlorosis and NecrosisWong, Melvin
Oct-2006General Elements and Principles of Landscape DesignWong, Melvin
Nov-2006Color Basics for LandscapesWong, Melvin
Nov-2006Palms for Hawai'i LandscapesWong, Melvin
Jan-2008Purple Nutsedge Control in Turf and OrnamentalsBrosnan, J.T.; DeFrank, J.
Dec-2008Barrier PlantsKobayashi, Kent; Criley, Richard; Kaufman, Andrew; Tsugawa, Stephanie; Ricordi, Alberto; Clifford, Patti
Jan-2009Green Plants for Hawai'i's Tropical LandscapesWong, Melvin