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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1997Control of Vegetative Growth in Hau (Hibiscus tiliaceus)Criley, Richard A.
Feb-2001Ethephon Forces Plumeria for Winter FloweringCriley, Richard A.
Jun-1997Height Control of Dendrobium OrchidCriley, Richard A.
Jun-1997Influence of Dip'n Grow on Rooting of Dwarf Yaupon HollyGinoza, Harold; Rauch, Fred D.
Jun-1997Plant Growth in Potting Media Using CompostRauch, Fred D.; Gitlin, Harris M.; Watanabe, Roger; Stanley, Richard W.
Jun-1997Preliminary Evaluation of Compost for Potting Media MixturesRauch, Fred D.
Jun-1997Response of Mondo Grass and Weeds to Preemergence HerbicidesDeFrank, Joseph
Jun-1997Response of Seashore Paspalum to Postemergence HerbicidesDeFrank, Joseph; Tavares, James
Jun-1997Response of Seashore Paspalum to Preemergence and Postemergence HerbicidesDeFrank, Joseph
Nov-1997Substituting Hawaii Composts for Peat in Growing Media for HibiscusYogi, Julie; Hensley, David; Hollyer, James
Nov-1997Substitutions for Peat in Hawaii Nursery ProductionHensley, David; Yogi, Julie
Jun-1997Vegetative Propagation of AlaheeGinoza, Harold; Rauch, Fred D.
Jun-1997Vegetative Propagation of Yellow Ohia LehuaRauch, Fred D.; Niino, Kelly; McEwen, Jan