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  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2005-01)
    Listeria contamination is described and precautions for food handlers and manufacturers are given.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2006-12)
    Advice is given to consumers on buying, transporting, storing, and preparing foods safely.
  • Hollyer, James R.; Fergerstrom, Marla; Hu, C.Y. (University of Hawaii, 2012-05)
    This is a guide to the content and format for labeling loose tea for sale as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2012-06)
    This article describes a case study of norovirus transmission through contact with reusable fabric grocery bags. The article provides tips to avoid norovirus transmission.
  • Stevenson, Matthew; Fukumoto, Glen (University of Hawaii, 2011-06)
    This report examines mobile and modular slaughter technology currently in use on the U.S. mainland as a potentially cost-effective alternative to brick-and-mortar facilities. The discussion is aided by the authors' firsthand ...
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2002-12)
    Microwave technology is described and use guidelines are briefly summarized.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2007-03)
    Following a peanut butter recall, this brief publication was prepared to help consumers avoid contracting salmonellosis.
  • Hodgson, Aurora Saulo (University of Hawaii, 2002-01)
    Brief advice for food growers, shippers, packers, and manufacturers on measures to prevent food tampering.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2005-03)
    Fourteen types of reduced-calorie and low-calorie food sweeteners are described.
  • Hodgson, Aurora Saulo (University of Hawaii, 2001-12)
    General advice on food handling for consumers is given.
  • Jun, Soojin; Cox, Linda J.; Huang, Alvin (University of Hawaii, 2006-06)
    Retort pouch technology for food storage is detailed. It is suggested that Hawaii beef producers can develop value-added products to make use of less saleable beef cuts.
  • Hodgson, Aurora Saulo (University of Hawaii, 2001-11)
    While about 98 percent of juices consumed in the US is pasteurized, consumers are advised about safety and precautions in consuming untreated juices.
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