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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1989Economic Implications of Import Barriers to Protect the U.S. Sugar Industry with Particular Reference to HawaiiLeong, Jerrold K.; Scott, Frank S Jr.; Leung, PingSun
Mar-1982Effects of Nutritional Factors on Chemical and Soil MicrobiostasisKo, Wen-hsiung
Jan-1984Feasibility of Potato Production in HawaiiManrique, Luis A.
May-1989Optimal Harvest Schedule for Maricultured Shrimp: a Stochiastic Sequential Decision ModelLeung, PingSun; Hochman, Eithan; Wanitprapha, Kulavit; Shang, Yung C.; Wang, Jaw-Kai
Sep-1985Performance of Wood Products as Media for Culture of AnthuriumsHigaki, Tadashi; Imamura, Joanne S.
Dec-1996Productive Efficiency of the Swine Industry in HawaiiSharma, Khem R.; Leung, PingSun; Zaleski, Halina M.
Mar-1994Sexual Development and Learning over the Life SpanEngel, John W.; Kimmons, Lee C.
Jul-1984A study of Some Morphological and Anatomical Aspects of Anthurium andreanum Lind.Higaki, T.; Rasmussen, H.P.; Carpenter, W.J.
Jun-1984Use of Tropical Vegetables to Improve Diets in the Pacific RegionEvensen, Stacy K.; Standal, Bluebell R.