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Title: Japanese White-eye, an Introduced Passerine, Visits the Flowers of Clermontia arborescens, an Endemic Hawaiian Lobelioid 
Author: Lammers, Thomas G.; Weller, Stephen G.; Sakai, Ann K.
Date: 1987
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Lammers TG, Weller SG, Sakai AK. 1987. Japanese white-eye, an introduced passerine, visits the flowers of Clermontia arborescens, an endemic Hawaiian lobelioid. Pac Sci 41: 74-78.
Abstract: The Hawaiian Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae) are generally
believed to have adapted to pollination by endemic passerine birds belonging to
the Drepanidinae (Fringillidae) and Meliphagidae. The widespread extinction
of many of these birds has raised concerns about the continued survival of the
Hawaiian Lobelioideae. During July 1985, the Japanese White-eye (Zosterops
japonica Temminck & Schlegel, Zosteropidae), was observed visiting the flowers
of one of the endemic lobelioids, Clermontia arborescens (H. Mann) Hillebrand.
These observations suggest that the Japanese White-eye may be a potential
replacement pollinator for at least one of the Hawaiian lobelioids.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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