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The search for a CP-odd light Higgs boson in upsilon 1s data at belle

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Title: The search for a CP-odd light Higgs boson in upsilon 1s data at belle
Authors: Rorie, Jamal Tildon
Keywords: Electromagnetic Force
Issue Date: Aug 2013
Publisher: [Honolulu] : [University of Hawaii at Manoa], [August 2013]
Abstract: We conduct a search for a CP-odd light Higgs, A0, in a sample of (102 2) 106 (1S) by looking for (1S) → A0 radiative decays with A0 → + ⁻. No significant evidence of such decays is found. We set an 90% confidence level upper limit on BR( (1S) → A0) BR(A0 → + ⁻) between 4:0 10⁻6 to 4:5 10⁻5 for A0 masses ranging from 3.6 GeV to 9.3 GeV. This represents a twofold improvement on current world limits for using (1S) from e+e⁻ → (1S) production and is in agreement with recent limits using (1S) from (3S) → (1S) decays.
Description: Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa 2013.
Includes bibliographical references.
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