Qing Hai

Hadijia Niu


Your first name Hadijia
Your last name Niu
Preferred name(s) of your language Qinghai Mandarin
Alternative names Tianjin Mandarin
Language classification Sino-Tibetan, Chinese
Geographic areas where spoken Western part of China, Qinghai province, Tianjin province in northern China
Approximate number of monolingual speakers Very few, most speak Mandarin as well, 200-400
Approximate number of fluent speakers 200-400
Other languages spoken in area/country Chinese, Chinese dialects, Tibetan, Mongolian, Turkish
Do the representatives of neighboring ethnic groups learn to speak your language? No
Does you language have a widely accepted writing system? Yes, Chinese characters, no phoneticization
If you answered yes, what materials are written? Nothing with Qinghai dialect

1 zi
2 ei
3 san
4 si
5 vi
6 liu
7 chir
8 ba
9 jiu
10 shir

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